How long do we need to allocate for Couple Portraits on our Wedding Day?

As a general rule of thumb, I would suggest at least 30 minutes, excluding travel time. This gives us plenty of time to capture some amazing portraits with multiple backdrops without feeling rushed. Of course it is your Wedding Day so if you would only like to do 15 minutes of photos, I can always make that work :) Similarly, if you want to do an hour portrait session, I am down for that as well!

Do you Provide your couples with high resolution images?

OF COURSE. I give my couples access to the Full Quality Wedding Photos without any watermarks because at the end of the day they are your photos. That means you can order High Quality Wedding Prints from me, or you can download the high quality versions yourself and have them printed off wherever you would like :) 

Will you be Photographing our Wedding?

If you book me as your Photographer then YES! I am not some big company who outsources their Photography to people you have never met before. If you book me, then I will be here with you on this journey from start to finish!

Do you charge for Travel?

No. I don't charge travel or accommodation costs to or from Weddings anywhere in Australia. Travel is part of the job as a Wedding Photographer so I don't charge any additional cost no matter if you're getting married in Woollahra or Wilcannia. If you want me at your Wedding, I'll be there.

How long after our wedding will we get our photos back?

30 days maximum. Sometimes it's even faster depending on what time of year you get married but as a general rule, all of my couples have their wedding Photos back within 30 days of their Wedding!!

Would you Photograph a same Sex Wedding?

ABSOLUTELY!! I feel sorry that I even have to write this however I know that some Photographers within the industry refuse to photograph same sex Weddings so I want to make it clear that everyone is welcome here!

Can we meet you before Our Wedding?

I meet every single one of my Couples before their Wedding Day either in Person or on a Video Call if they live too far away. Getting to know my couples and their vision for their Wedding is super important to me so I would never show up to your Wedding without meeting you first. In fact when you add up Initial Meetings, Engagement Photo Sessions, Pre-Wedding Consults and other conversations, I have usually spoken to my couples at least five times before their wedding and we know each other pretty well!

How many photos can I
expect to get from my Wedding?

This depends on the hours of Photography you have on your Wedding Day but with me you can expect to get anywhere from 400-1000 images from your Wedding. I operate at about 50-100 images per hour which I think is a sweet spot capturing enough of the memories without giving you a gallery full of duplicate photos.

I don't have a Wedding Planner, Can you help with my Wedding Day Timeline?

I'd be honoured to help! Part of my job as a Photographer is helping my couples in any way possible and planning out timelines is a big part of that. I have been to quite a few Weddings so I know a little bit about what works well and what doesn't. Plus from a photography perspective, some times of the day work better than others and it's important that we have the right amount of time allocated for every key point of the day.

Do you Photograph WEddings by yourself or with someone else?

I photograph 95% of my Weddings by myself as I feel like one Photographer is sufficient to capture a whole Wedding Day without missing any important moments. Of course there are rare occasions where Second Photographers are wanted or needed and in those cases I have called upon fellow Wedding Photographers to come and assist me for the day.

What cameras Do I Use?

I use two Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera Bodies along with 4 or 5 different lenses. These cameras have the ability to shoot in silent mode, are amazing in low light situations, have amazing focus and sharpness to all their images and are just super reliable. I also carry around a third camera with me to every Wedding because anything can happen at weddings and it's better to be safe than sorry!!

Where are you Based in Sydney?

Currently I am living in Penrith but I work at Weddings all over Sydney, The Blue Mountains and NSW. Over the past 3 years I have lived in Glebe, Parramatta, Rosebery, Newtown & Port Macquarie. Luckily for me my home location doesn't impact my job because I can literally work anywhere.