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I know that sounds a little bit forward when we haven't even met yet, but trust me we will work so much better together if we get along as friends. Not convinced? Let's try this. I want you to think back to all of the amazing photos you’ve had taken in your life. Now think about who took them. Let me guess — it was your partner, your best friend or maybe even yourself. That’s because you feel super comfortable in front of your close friends and that always makes for the best photos. So if we can be relaxed and candid in front of each other then I guarantee we are going to create some incredible images.

We should be friends.

my story


Begins here. Yes I am 25 years old! I was born on Wiradjuri Country in the town of Dubbo, NSW and lived there until I finished high school. 

I moved out of home and went to Sydney to study Bachelor of Science at the University of Sydney. 



I bought my first ever camera to take with me on two overseas holidays to the UK and the US.

Started dabbling in Landscape Photography, Portrait Photography and Videography. I even made my first website to showcase my artwork.

This same year I also graduated from University with my Bachelor degree and no interest in ever working in the field that I just spend 4 years studying...



I register my business 'Mike Jeffrey Photography' and start working in Portrait & Product Photography.

Pandemic Hits... 

After little success I pivot my business into Family & Couples Photography because I wanted to work with more 'real' people after the lockdown ends.


I got engaged to my partner Emily!!

Believing in myself and my skillset I again pivoted my Photography Business but this time into the long time dream of mine of Wedding Photography.

In late 2021, Emily and I packed up and moved to Port Macquarie on the NSW Mid North Coast and so I moved my Photography business with me. 


Emily & I started the To Be Wed Podcast!

The move to Port Macquarie proved difficult as most of my work was still located in Sydney and we missed our friends too much so after 5 months we packed up again and moved back to Sydney.

I got married

Business is thriving, I am meeting so many amazing couples and I am on track to have my biggest year to date all thanks to you guys :)


Yes I am one of those crazy people who enjoys running. I'm not sure what it is about running that I enjoy but all my fellow runners out there will know exactly how I feel. I am a regular at Parkrun every Saturday morning as well as running the occasional Half Marathon.


I love the Great Outdoors and always enjoy a nice long hike. Living so close to the Blue Mountains I never have a shortage of options when it comes to new hiking trails. Recently my wife and I have also gotten into camping as a way to get off the grid for longer periods at a time. Life can be crazy sometimes so getting away from technology and the internet is always the best!

Drink Coffee

I do not want to understate just how much I love coffee. On any given day you will find me drinking between 3-4 cups of the sweet nectar. My go to brewing method is the Aeropress however I do love an espresso when it's done right! Not only do I love coffee but I also work part-time in a Coffee Shop through the week which is a tricky business for an addict like myself.

Listen to Music

One thing that weird's a lot of people out about me is that I don't really watch Movies or TV Shows. I would much rather sit down and listen to a full album from start to finish than put on a sit-com.
I am a real Hip-Hop head so you will always find me listening to records on repeat, digesting lyrics and painting stories in my mind.


Reading is another favourite pastime of mine although I've never read a fiction book. It's strictly non-fiction for me. Personal Development, Psychology, Business, Auto-Biographical, Religion. I still believe that my Audible subscription is one of the best purchases I ever made.

What I do in my spare time

After dating for nearly 4 years, I got married to my beautiful wife Emily on the 23rd of April 2022. After planning the whole wedding ourselves, I fell in love with the art of planning and just how creative it can be. Yes, it can be expensive and time consuming but once you know the tricks of the trade it is so much fun. Having been through it myself I just love how I am able to help other couples just like myself navigate through this stage and pull off the Wedding of their dreams.

I've been in your shoes.


I get asked all the time why I chose Wedding Photography and the answer is partly selfish but nonetheless genuine. The first reason and the main driver behind why I started creating Wedding Photography is because I love seeing people in love. I get such a kick out of being around people in love and documenting that is such a joy for me. The other reason I started this was because I knew there was a chance for me to help people with my photographic skills and knowledge of weddings. When I got engaged and started looking for my own Wedding Photographer I realised just how inaccessible Wedding Photography is for younger couples or anyone on a budget. I just wanted to bridge that gap and provide a super high quality service without all the fluff and inflated prices that you see going around.

Trust me, I get it...

Wedding Planning can be a lonely place. Before me, none of my friends had ever been married before, my parents were married 20 years ago and now divorced and my fiancé and I had no idea what to do. Hiring a Wedding Planner or coordinator was way out of our budget so we just had to wing it. We made it work but I wish I knew back then all of the things I knew now from both attending so many wedding and planning our own. 

I want to share my secrets with you and help you plan the Wedding of your dreams. If we work together I will be in your corner every step of the Wedding Planning journey to help where I can and at least hype you up where I can't. Wedding Photography is way more than just what I can capture for you on the Wedding Day. It's months of planning and understanding each other so we can create magic in a split second.

Well that’s enough about me,
I want to hear about you!

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Tune in every Friday to her me and my Wife Emily talk all about Wedding Planning! We give away heaps of tips and tricks as well as answering all your questions we received during the week! 

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