5 Tips for Planning a Memorable Proposal

I recently photographed the most Beautiful Wedding Proposal between Hussin & Jasmine in Lavender Bay, Sydney. I got to see first hand how a little bit of planning can really pay off and make this special day an even more memorable one. So in today’s blog post I want to run you through 5 of my own expert tips to help plan your own Wedding Proposal.


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  1. Speak to your Partner

    One of the biggest things that stops people from proposing to their partners is the fear of rejection. This may be a legitimate fear but I can tell you that it goes out the window when you have an open discussion with your partner about what you both want for the relationship moving forward. Of course you don’t have to give away the details of when the proposal might happen, but knowing that your significant other is on the same page can make popping the question so much less stressful.

  2. Find the perfect location

    For Hussin, this was overlooking Sydney Harbour from a vantage point high up in North Sydney, because both he and Jasmine really loved the City. Not only that, but he also planned on doing it just after Sunset so all the lights of the city would turn on in the background creating a beautiful scene that he knew Jasmine would remember forever. For you it could be taking a walk along a secluded beach at midday, hiking through the Blue Mountains in Autumn or even just at your favourite restaurant where you both first met. My biggest piece of advice is don’t just propose at the Opera House because everyone else is doing it and it looks pretty. At the end of the day it’s not the location that matters, it’s the meaning behind the location that will make for the most memorable proposal. So choose somewhere that means something to you and your partner!

  3. Choose the right Ring for you

    I’m not here to talk about the specific cuts and materials of rings, because quite frankly I know very little about that topic, rather I am here to give you ideas of how to choose an affordable ring. The Engagement ring is definitely the most expensive part of the whole proposal however it doesn’t always have to break the bank. For instance, if your proposal isn’t time sensitive then you may be able to wait until a style of ring you like comes on sale. Christmas is a great time to go ring shopping since most jewellers will have sales in the holidays. Another important factor is your budget. It’s not worth spending your whole wedding budget on an engagement ring if you have no money to get married. If marriage is the most important thing and the only way you can do that is through buying cheaper rings, then do it. You can always upgrade your rings later if you wish.

  4. Add your own secret sauce

    You really don’t want to have a stock standard proposal that is just like everyone else’s. This is such a special day and so you want to be able to make it as memorable as possible. When I showed up to Hussin’s proposal location, it already looked incredible because he had gone to the extra effort of organising someone to set up a personalised picnic for the both of them. He could have just proposed right there in the park but that isn’t going to be as memorable in 10 years as “remember that time you set up a twilight picnic for both of us overlooking the city”. Your secret sauce doesn’t have to be a picnic, maybe it’s a billboard on the side of the road, balloons hanging out in the forest or even some writing in the sky. These little details don’t go un-noticed and I am sure they will make for a great speech at your wedding.

  5. Book in a Photographer

    Your Wedding Proposal truly is one of those special moments in life that shouldn’t go uncaptured. I mean you have put all this effort into the whole thing that it would be a shame to not have some sort of record of that moment in time. Plus, I am sure that all your family and friends who couldn’t be there are going to want to see how it happened so why not just show them a few photos. You can of course take a few selfies afterwards however I hope you can see through some of my own photos how hiring a photographer is worth every penny. Not only can a photographer hide away and capture the moment naturally as it happens, they can also stick around afterwards and get some lovely photos of you and your new fiancé.


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I really hope this information was helpful for you guys and that you do take some of it onboard when planning your upcoming proposal. Remember the biggest tip that I can give you is to make it about you and your partner and only do things that you both would enjoy. This is your day and you’re the only one who will remember it in 10 years so dont be scared to make it about you!