The Coolest Engagement Photo Location in Sydney!

Best Engagement Photo Location in Sydney

Earlier this month I went out to Photograph an Engagement Session at one of the coolest spots in Sydney. This rooftop carpark in the middle of the Sydney CBD made for the most incredible backdrop for some killer Engagement Photos.

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When I was first talking to these guys, we knew we were going to do their Engagement Photos in Wintertime so we wanted to find a cool spot to take them. Sydney Beaches are far too cold in winter and walking around Sydney Harbour just wasn’t their vibe. We thought about doing it inside somewhere until we had the genius idea of trying an urban photoshoot in the middle of the city. The buildings would block any wind and it wouldn’t look out of place if they were all rugged up in winter clothes.


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We wanted a bit of privacy for the shoot so we didn’t want to walk the streets and have everyone staring as they walked past so instead we turned to a more private spot up on the rooftop. This was a public carpark but seeing as we went on a Sunday afternoon there was almost no one there and we had the place all to ourselves.

Best Engagement Photo Locations Sydney

Another cool inclusion was these guys also wanted to have donuts in the photos (because they really love donuts, duh, who doesn’t) so we through out a picnic blanket and had a picnic, in a carpark, on a rooftop, in Sydney! How cool is that!


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If you want to see more photos from this super fun Engagement Session click the button for the full gallery below!


Sydney Rooftop Engagement Photo Location