What is the best time of year to get married in Sydney.

The time of year you want to get married is probably the most important thing to decide after you get engaged so it’s no surprise that it’s a question I get asked all the time. Not to mention that Sydney is a difficult place to book a wedding and predict the climate for that given day or month. With that said let’s take a look at three key considerations when it comes to choosing what month to get married in Sydney.


A Summer Wedding in Sydney photographed by a Sydney Wedding Photographer



Most parts of the world have very distinct seasons of the year which helps a lot when deciding when to get married. If you want to get married outside it’s normally Autumn or Spring because Summer is to hot and Winter is far to cold. Sydney on the other hand has no extreme seasonal fluctuations with a very mild temperature gradient. In fact the average maximum temperature in the Sydney CBD in Summer is 26°C, not much of a contrast from the average maximum temperature in Winter which is 17°C. The proximity to the ocean also gives Sydney a subtropical climate with relatively low humidity, even in the peak of summer.

In terms of temperature, every month of the year is almost perfect in Sydney.

The same can’t be said about the Western Suburbs of Sydney like Richmond, Penrith or Camden which are 50km inland and do experience more extreme temperature shifts due to a lack of oceanic air.

In terms of rainfall, the wettest month of the year in Sydney is actually June closely followed by February. The driest months on the other hand are September and October with approximately half the average rainfall of the aforementioned months.

So when it comes to avoiding the rain, historically Spring weddings are your best bet.


A September Wedding in Sydney taken by a Sydney Wedding Photographer

Sydney Wedding in Early September


An Autumn Wedding in sydney photographed by a sydney wedding photographer

Sydney Wedding in Late April


Popularity & Price

It’s no secret that Spring and Autumn are the most popular times to get married, everywhere around the world, not just Sydney. As a result venues will often charge an inflated price in these months to account for the increased demand. In fact some venues have been known to charge 50% more in September compared to just one month earlier in August due to the popularity.

Another consideration are holiday periods across the country. Late December and early January can be amazing times to get married because a lot of family and friends are off work and children are on school holidays. That said, hotels and other venues may become fully booked or even inflate prices during these busy periods so if you’re looking at a new year wedding make sure to plan it a long way in advance.

When it comes to weekend venue prices in Sydney, it’s hard to look past a winter wedding from May-August where you may receive a sizeable discount on your booking.


A new years wedding in sydney photographed by a sydney wedding photographer


Style & Aesthetic

The last consideration on my list is the style and aesthetic you are looking to go for in your Wedding. Whether that’s a White Winter Wedding, an Autumnal Elopement or even a Garden Wedding in Spring, seasons play a massive role in how your wedding will look and feel.

It goes without saying that it never snows in Sydney so you won’t get a white wedding, however you may not get a very autumnal wedding either. Sydney is a subtropical climate with very few deciduous trees that notoriously turn orange and lose their leaves in autumn. If you are looking for that style and vibe I would recommend going up to the Blue Mountains or further West where the climate is much dryer and cooler.

What Sydney is known for are it’s incredible Springtime Gardens scattered all throughout the city. Not to mention the incredible Harbour and waterfront Wedding locations that just glisten in the sunshine. This may be one reason to get married in the warmer months of Spring and Summer. That said, Sydney’s gardens contain loads of evergreen sub-tropical plants that look just as stunning in Winter as they do in Summer.

The other seasonal consideration to make is produce like Flowers and Fresh Food. If you have a floral bouquet in mind that contains fresh Lilacs, these will only be in flower in late September and October. Native flowers like Banksias however are almost in bloom year-round. Same thinking applies if you are wanting a signature dish at your wedding reception using fresh produce.

Make sure you consider what is in season and when.

Final thoughts

The most picturesque time of year to get married in Sydney is most definitely the Spring months of September or October. Although, for those of us with tighter budgets, you could consider having your Wedding in August or even May to get a very similar look and feel at a lower price tag.

I do hope this article has given you a little bit to think about when planning your Sydney Wedding and that it helps you weigh up the pros and cons before locking in a date for your big day!