Dawn & Nathaniel’s Jaw-dropping Blue Mountains Engagement Photo Experience

Blue Mountains Engagement Photography

Dawn and Nathaniel are set to be married down by the water on Sydney Harbour, so to contrast this, they always knew they wanted their Engagement Photos to be somewhere more remote. Blue Mountains National Park was honestly the perfect place for this because there was not another sole around. We drove like 30 minutes on dirt road out into the National Park looking for Mount Hay which was to be our final location for their Blue Mountains Photography session. Unfortunately there was rain in the week leading up to it and the road was cut off early so we had to pull off and make our own adventure. We trekked it through the bushland and found this awesome lookout that was just perfect for their Engagement Photos. It doesn’t get much better than this!

One of the greatest things about the Blue Mountains are the lookouts. With so many cliffs and mountains within the large national park, the Blue Mountains are a photographers dream. Getting up high in the Mountains around sunsets creates for the most amazing light, colours and contours within the landscape. It always serves as an amazing backdrop for Photography and the best part is that no one else is ever around

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