Pabz & Toni’s Blue Mountains Proposal at Lincolns Rock, Wentworth Falls

Blue Mountains Proposal Photography

Blue Mountains Proposal Photography

As a Wedding Photographer, I have been fortunate to witness countless heart-warming moments of love and commitment. Among the many stories that have touched my soul, the proposal of Pabz and Toni at Lincolns Rock in my own backyard of the Blue Mountains is up there as being very special. The breathtaking beauty of the location combined with the couple’s genuine love and excitement created a magical experience that I had the honour of capturing through my lens.

Pabz First reached out to me a month prior to his proposal while still living overseas and told me that he wanted to propose to his long time partner Toni when they got back to Australia. He said they both loved the Blue Mountains and he thought Lincolns Rock was just such an iconic spot with the cliffs and lookout below. After weeks of planning we had settled on a date and time for the proposal. It was to be just before sunset on a Monday so we could get some spectacular light coming through into the images but also avoid the weekend crowds. Well as you will see we didn’t really get either of those things as it was a very cold overcast afternoon and still there were crowd of people around. Plus to make things worse they got lost on their way to Lincoln’s Rock so we were running out of daylight to make things happen. In the end Pabz was able to make it work and propose to Toni without her being any the wiser that it was happening. You only need to look at the photos to see how much of a surprise this proposal truly was.

Are you looking to Propose in the Blue Mountains?

The Blue Mountains are such an epic setting for a wedding proposal. There are so many amazing lookouts and rugged cliffs that will make the most magical backdrop to this romantic moment. Plus the Mountains offer many opportunities for adventure and exploration, adding excitement and shared experiences to the proposal. If you are looking to Propose in the Blue Mountains and want that moment captured forever, definitely get in touch with Mike Jeffrey Photography. Whether it’s hiking out to a secret lookout or just camping out in some bushes at sunrise waiting for the perfect moment, count me in to be there for your Blue Mountains Proposal Photography Adventure.