Jason & Aly’s Wet & Rainy Sydney City Engagement Photo Session

This Engagement Session with Jason & Aly was honestly so much fun!! We spent two hours just walking around Sydney, finding nice little spots to take photos and laughed so much along the way. It was one of those days where it just rained on and off but that didn’t stop these guys taking some amazing photos. In fact I think the umbrellas add a really unique touch. Something else really cool happened right at the end of this Session! We were out in a back alleyway taking photos under umbrellas and then a lady came out the back door of a building and asked us if we would like the come and take photos in the foyer. She told us the manager had gone home already so we would have the space to ourselves! Of course we jumped at the opportunity to not only get out of the rain but also see how nice this foyer really was. Turns out, it was pretty darn cool! Not something that you get to do everyday and definitely a photoshoot that I will never forget. Shout out to Jason & Aly for also being champs and jumping at this opportunity. I think the photos are amazing and definitely something that none of us expected when we started!