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One of the things I have been thinking a lot about recently is proposals. No not for myself, although I am starting to get to that age, rather what I can do to help photograph proposals. Lately I have been seeing so many of my friends and family getting engaged and it has had me thinking about the trend of engagement photography. Without a doubt engagement photography is one of the most important kinds of photography out there as it captures and helps you remember the major life milestone of your engagement. However something that I don’t see a lot of is proposal photography. This is quite strange to me because the proposal, along with the first kiss, are probably the most iconic and photogenic moments in any married couples relationship and yet one of them is never being seen or captured by anyone. I know that if I was getting engaged I would definitely want that moment when I take a knee to be captured on camera. Especially in todays Instagrammable world where my partner and I would probably let our friends know that we are engaged by posting a photo. What better photo to use than the proposal moment itself.


A Proposal at Kanangra Walls taken by a Sydney Proposal Photographer

The biggest reason I can think of as to why more people aren’t having their proposals photographed comes down to who is more likely to propose. As we all know, men are usually the ones doing the proposing and speaking from experience I know that men are far less likely to think about booking a photographer for their proposal. Let’s face it, proposals are a scary thing and us men already have so much on our plate. However, I can almost be certain that your bride-to-be would love to have this special occasion captured on camera. Even if it is one more thing to think about, it’s definitely worth it for one of the biggest moments of your life.



Taking pressure and stress off my clients is what we photographers do best. Not only are we Photographers but we also organise events, meetings and photography session so you can rest assured that we can take care of setting up and photographing your special proposal day. One of the other positives of being a photographer is being able to blend into any crowd pretty easily. Whether you plan on proposing on Sydney Harbour, Bondi Beach or in the Blue Mountains, you can be sure there will be plenty of hobbyist photographers walking around at any time of the day and so a professional photographer can easily blend in and not ruin your big surprise. Blending in however is only one part of the equation. The other is having the right equipment. The right photographer should have a great collection of lenses, including a super telephoto zoom lens which will allow them to hide up to 100 metres away and still capture the most beautiful photos of your proposal. Even if it makes them look like a stalker paparazzi hiding in the bushes.


No I know what you’re thinking, why would I hire a photographer just to take a one and done photo? This is a valid question because you could just ask a mate to come hide out and take some photos on their phone or you could even re-enact the whole thing later just to get the shot for Instagram. However wouldn’t it be just that much more special to have a photographer walk over after you propose and show you the photos then and there. Imagine the look on your bride-to-be’s face when they realise you had put so much effort and planning into the whole thing. And it doesn’t have to end there. The proposal shoot quickly turns into an engagement session where you can do another 20-minute shoot right then and there giving you heaps of photos to use not only on your social media but also on your upcoming wedding invitations as well. Sounds like an amazing experience to me.


So to all the men out there, if you’re thinking about proposing, take my advice and hire yourself a photographer! you definitely won’t regret it. I myself offer a proposal session including all of the things I spoke about above so if you would like to get in touch and organise a session I would be honoured to be a part of your big day!

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