Olivia & Semonn’s Picturesque Wedding at Belgenny Farm

21 – 05 – 2022

Olivia & Semonn were married at their local church St Paul’s Anglican Church in Carlingford before heading down to Camden for their Wedding Reception at the beautiful Belgenny Farm. I remember when these two lovely humans enquired with me they expressed that they were looking for a very laid back style of photography. Not many posed photos and just heaps of candid shots of the guests. I said well you’ve come to the right place!!! What I loved even more was their reasoning why. They said the day is not about us, rather it’s about our relationship with God and celebrating our love with friends and family. So rather than spending heaps of time away taking millions of photos they spent the afternoon talking and hanging out with their guests. In fact you’ll be hard up finding more than 10 photos of them alone during the whole day which says a lot. Working with couples like these two is an absolute dream and giving them memories of such a special day makes what I do mean so much more!