Em & Harry’s Wedding 2.0 at Christ Church, St Ives.

Wedding Car Photos

12 – 03 – 2022

After being married back in September 2021 under Covid Restrictions, this was Em & Harry’s Wedding 2.0. Second time around they were ‘married’ at Christ Church St Ives in Sydney’s North-West with their reception being held at the lovely Glenwood Community Hub! Wedding Party were taken inside Lane Cove National Park. I remember they told me that they really wanted this day to be a celebration of their love because they weren’t able to party with anyone the first time around and boy did they succeed. This Wedding Day was full of love, happiness and all round joy from every guest and wedding party member I spoke to. I think that comes down to Em & Harry being the coolest couple to ever be around. They were just so care free and willing to let the day play out exactly how God intended. Congratulations on such a wonderful day guys!